The Future is Giants Pretending to Be Small

Budweiser - We're In America, No Really! Anheiser Busch In-Bev is a Dutch company that owns amongst other things Budweiser. Beer drinkers fall into two categories in general: those who love Bud and Coors and all those “lite” beers, and people who like craft beers. I’ll get back to that in a second. The most recent ad campaign on TV for Budweiser is pointing out as loudly as it can, “We brew this stuff in America!” The subtext: it’s “local” even though a Dutch company owns it and reaps the profits. But let’s go on a moment.

Anheiser Busch In-Bev Also Owns Plenty of “Craft” Beer Brands

It’s funny that AB/IB (can I shrink it to that?) made fun of craft beer in 2015’s Superbowl Spot:

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