New: Split Test Your Emails in AWeber!

Split Testing Is Here!

Want to send the best email? Test your next idea — no matter how big or small — using AWeber’s new-and-improved split testing feature.

We’ve rebuilt our split testing tool to help you send high-performing, effective emails.

Testing can transform the way you send. It allows you to figure out what email content resonates best with your audience.

You can test simple tweaks, like changing a call-to-action button color to drive more sales, re-writing a subject line to get more opens, or adding an image to increase engagement.

You can also test bigger changes, like wildly different email copy, or varying send times.

How it works

You have the flexibility of sending an A/B test to 50/50% of your subscribers, or you can add a third group of subscribers to receive the variation that wins. (After you determine the winner, simply schedule and send a copy of that message the third group.)

You can split your entire list or create a test that only targets a specific segment. This is perfect if you’re currently using tags to group your subscribers.

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Most email service providers’ split testing tools only allow for subject line testing. But with AWeber’s new-and-improved tool, you can test:

  • Varying subject lines
  • Pre-header text
  • Email designs or templates
  • Images vs. GIFs vs. no images
  • Body copy
  • Call-to-action text or placement
  • Background and button color variations
  • The actual time you send the message

The possibilities are limitless!

Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn step-by-step directions on how to start testing.

What AWeber users are saying

We built this feature using feedback from AWeber users like you! Over the past few months, we rolled out split testing to a small group of customers.

“This split testing feature is great,” says Rob Wood, founder of Light Stalking, a popular photography blog. After just one subject line split test, Rob saw “a noticeable impact on traffic” — a 33% increase! — to his site from his newsletter.

In our own tests, we’ve been driving more opens and clicks as well! We have tested short vs. long subject lines and emojis vs. no emojis on our blog newsletter.

Here are six tests you can run today

Looking for ideas on what to test? We have you covered.

Head on over to this fresh blog post where our conversion content pro, Liz Willits, reveals SIX awesome test ideas you can set up in 1 minute.

Get ready to test!

This month, we roll out more split testing posts, case studies, and videos. We’ll even do a live webinar (be on the lookout for an invitation your inbox in the next couple weeks). Split testing has the power to transform your email marketing.

Get started today, subscribe to our newsletter, and stay tuned for more inspiration and education.

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