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That means you still have a chance to watch our
special guest, Fred Lam, build a high-caliber
eCommerce business in less than 20 minutes.

But not just any eCommerce business — a business
that generates the most profit possible for the
absolute least amount of work.

That’s because Fred has streamlined the process,
the picking hot-selling products, creating quality
eCommerce websites, and driving buyer traffic…

…and because of this Fred:

– Never sees or touches the products he sells…

– Can enter multiple highly-profitable niches
quickly while his competitors are still struggling
to get their first site off the ground…

– Drives only low-cost, highly targeted traffic to
his site through one of the world’s best sources
of eCommerce traffic — Facebook…

And because of all this…has generated over
$20MM in the last 5 years online.

Worth it to listen to this guy? I think that number
speaks for itself.