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VidPresenters 3D Coupon Code

You won’t believe what I’m about to show you. I’ve never seen a package like this before – I’m totally impressed!

This brand new video package is called VidPresenters 3D and it’s not only exciting, but unique and different.

Animation and graphics make you stand out…

That’s why 3D Talking Avatars are the best way to connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

If you are a person who loves 3D animation, characters or avatars, then you’re about to be absolutely blow away by this product.

The main product comes with ultra-realistic talking 3D Avatar Heads, with non-talking versions that will make it easier to sync your voice or audio to them. The Avatars come with green screen Talking versions with ready-made voice clips synced to them, which are great to drag and drop into your favorite programs.

There are also two brand new 3D Presenter Characters called Paul and Lara with 40+ actions each. These two brand new characters are so versatile and can fit into many scenes and projects. For example, there are sitting poses, typing motions around desks, as well as presentation motions in different directions, that make them perfect for any project you can think of.

Now guys, you’re going to need the first upsell – It’s the first time ever, I’ve seen a bundle of diverse 3D talking Head Avatars, never-before-seen, just like the 3D Avatars heads and characters in the main product. The pack has Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous and Indian Talking Avatars that are totally original and will be perfect for your projects that need to represent different ethnic groups and cultures, which really does open lots of possibilities for your productions. The Talking Avatars in this upgrade package, also come with non-talking versions of the heads, as well as green screen versions with audio clips synced to some of these diverse characters.

The third upsell is simply amazing too. You’ll get 100+ Brand New Virtual backdrops you can use in your productions, as well as hundreds of 3D Virtual Studio videos and images, mock-up templates and more. Virtual Backdrops are in now, especially since most people are working from home. Wait till you see them! Be blown away for a third time!

There are also two other upsells in the product funnel, with more stunning 3D and 2D Assets, including talking heads, animated characters, Intros, Outros, video scenes, backdrops, all with Commercial Licenses and many awesome bonuses.

The main product comes with a Developers License, including 6 Fast-Action bonuses, which also includes tutorials, so you can get the most out of the product.

In two words, VidPresenters 3D is; ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Folks, you really need to see this product in action.

Don’t waste another minute.

A brand new product was just released on the market and I absolutely LOVE it!

The product is called VidPresenters 3D.

I think it is the most Stunning, original & unique set of 3D Talking Head Avatars & 3D Video Character Assets You Will Ever See! No Joke! This has not been done before!

They are not only astonishingly beautiful, but they are ready-to-Use, realistic, premium virtual 3D talking avatars that come in a variety of multimedia formats and are designed to help businesses, marketers & individuals.

You’ll definitely want to use these revolutionary 3D Talking Avatars in your projects, if you really want to create high-converting 3D-Style videos, Ads & presentations, and you can do this easily, using Software you already Own. These are all fantastic downloadable assets. There are green screen versions of the Avatars included, with call-to-action voice clips synced to them, which is REALLY cool to see!

No Expensive Software or 3D Animation Skills Required. VidPresenters 3D Characters & Avatar Spokespersons will work in Any Software That Accepts These Formats: Animated GIF, MOV, MP4, SWF & PNG.

VidPresenters 3D includes hundreds of High-Quality 3D Video Assets & Premium Graphics Including 3D Animated Characters, 3D Talking Avatar Spokespersons, 3D Green Screen Actors, 3D Animated Character PowerPoint Templates & other assets.

When you buy the main package, you’ll get:

– Premium, Ready-to-Use 3D Female Talking Avatars

– Premium, Ready-to-Use 3D Male Talking Avatars

– 3D Green Screen Actor Videos with Call-to-Action Voice Clips

– 3D Presenter Backdrop Templates

– 3D Animated Toon Presenter Laura with 40+ Action Elements

– 3D Animated Toon Presenter Paul with 40+ Action Elements

– 3D Animated Character Templates

– HD Motion Video Backdrops

– Premium Quality Virtual HD Virtual Backgrounds

And a WHOLE lot more…

You’ll get a Developers License upfront in the price, including 6 Fast-Action bonuses; which also includes, Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos.

There are also 4 other upsells in the product funnel, with more stunning 3D and 2D Assets, including talking heads of different races and ethnic backgrounds, animated characters, Intros, Outros, video scenes, virtual backdrops, etc., all with commercial rights and many awesome bonuses.

Without Animation Skills using Software you Already Own, with our Downloadable Avatar files.
Creating Engaging and Breathtaking 3D Style Videos
Has Never Been Easier.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to produce your very own Stunning Spokesperson Videos
& Interactive Presentations using our downloadable, Premium, Ready-To-Use Talking Avatars and 3D
Spokesperson Characters in Any Video Software that Accepts Animated GIF,
MOV, MP4, SWF or PNG Formats.

This Awesome Package Contains Hundreds of High Quality, 3D Video Assets & Premium
Graphics that you can download and use in an Unlimited Number of Personal, Commercial
& Client Projects, Without Hassle!


Brand New, Ready-To-Use, Realistic, Premium
Virtual 3D Talking Avatars
The Most Stunning, Original & Unique set of 3D Talking
Head Avatars & 3D Video Characters You Will Ever See !

VidPresenters 3D Coupon Code Talking Head Spokespersons Are Original, as They Were Created
In-House By Our Animation Design Team and Are Not Available Anywhere Else On The Internet.
This fact will ensure that Your Video Projects will have the Versatility And Uniqueness
That Is Lacking in So Many Videos Circulating Online That Tend To Use
The Same Old Footage From The Same Sources, over and over again.