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VidEngagr truly helps your online business
by grabbing the attention of your site
visitors in a unique and interesting way
that leads to higher conversions.

It plays videos, with a marketing twist
– by showcasing specific actions such
as a Buy Now button, offering coupons
(or whatever you want to show),
in a panel location near your video.

You will now be able to optimize this
valuable under-used Prime Real Estate
at the precise time you intended.

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With VidEngagr, you will be able to add
valuable descriptions that highlight ideal
spots in a video, with in-strategic insights
that are not covered in the video.

Now, you will be able to break down a product
to give the most value to your customers -all
with no tech skills and very little time.

You will also be able to build a rapport
with your visitors by providing information
that shows the value of the product or
service, and converts more visitors into
leads and of course, buyers.