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Powerful Cloud App RIPS OPEN The Doors
To Massive Engagement, Traffic and Profits
that Facebook is Trying to ‘Seal Shut’ on You
Works on ANY Facebook Profile/FanPage/Events/Groups! Perfect for ANY Niche!

With Upengage you can now have
attractive, enticing images for your
Facebook FanPages, Groups and
even via your Profile that re-directs
‘anyone’ that clicks it -to a site you
want them to go to.

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Imagine the amount of engagement
and traffic you will get -and the best
part is that you do not have to spend
on the advertisements.

All you would have to do is set-up
the images you want,set up the
redirect URL you want everyone to go to..
Voila! You’re done!

Upengage is a cloud-based
3-part software:

Part 1: Dashboard – You can
view the stats of your clickable
image posts all in one
control panel.
Part 2: Training – Get started
instantly with our short and
action-oriented training videos.
Part 3: Publish and Schedule.
-Make the whole posting process
hands free by scheduling your
clickable image posts in advance.