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You wanna know somethin funny?

When we were promotin the MEGA store, we thought we’d try puttin an email out 15 minutes before the offer ended at midnight.

We weren’t sure if it would get a lot of clicks… or even opens.

And it ended up getting the MOST opens and clickthroughs of the night!

Never underestimate people’s tendency to procrastinate.

Is it any wonder that, for ecommerce, Cyber Monday sales jump way higher than Black Friday sales?

Deadlines are powerful. You can boost your sales all year long throwin new deadlines up for different offers.

Yet… we haven’t finalized on a official deadline for the Mini Store…

However, if you want to be in the holiday gift business, every minute that passes IS a missed deadline for YOU.

If you think you can wait until Black Friday at midnight to start posting ads, you’re gonna miss out on a lot of potential sales.

You need to start working on your Black Friday strategy now.

You need to start warmin’ people up now.

I’ll talk more about how to do that tomorrow…
In the mean time, if you don’t have a store yet and want to get your skin in the game…

Or you’re just interested in profiting from a Christmas niche store…