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Using quizzes in your
marketing can be a
very fun…

…and profitable way
to interact with your

Because when you use
quizzes correctly they
generate highly targeted
traffic and leads.

That’s where the Spazeship
software comes in…

…it creates quizzes
with different outcomes
depending on what answer
your visitor submits.

You can then decide how
and what you sell to that
visitor based on their

This produces higher
conversions and sales.

It doesn’t stop there though.

If your visitor who goes
through your quiz doesn’t
buy right away not all
is lost.

The Spazeship software captures
them as a lead meaning that
you can make the sale later
by sending them automated
followup emails.

Spazeship also helps you to
generate new visitors because
it makes it very easy for
your visitors to share
your quiz over Social