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It’s well-known having a successful facebook fanpage can
dramatically boost your online business.

But, the problem is trying to research successful fanpages
without wasting hundreds of hours surfing through endless
fanpages on facebook!

With the new “Social Page Analyzer” software, you can instantly
get 27 different data points for thousands of fanpages directly
from facebook’s internal database .. in just seconds!

Watch the demo video to see it in action here ( INSERT LINK HERE )

The software has 5 built-in tools to help analyze any fanpage
and its contents in GREAT detail!

You can not only get thousands of fanpages for any given niche,
but you can extract thousands of posts from the extracted fanpages
to reveal all the TOP engaging content!

Imagine knowing the best top converting fanpage posts in just minutes
for any given fanpage?

Then, you can model your own marketing based on what is already working!

Not only that, you can even extract thousands of post comments to
see exactly what people are saying, and more importantly, how they are
interacting with the content!

Plus, with the “Word Analyzer” tool, you can see all the top repeating
word combinations across thousands of comment messages or post
messages to help identify VERY useful information!

For example, you can instantly see what people “love” or “hate” about a
given product, or service. Then you can improve your own products,
or find related products that fix those issues people are talking about!

Stop wasting 100’s of hours reading through 10,000 comments and let
the Word Analyzer instantly reveal exactly what people are talking
about the most!

The software also come with a built-in “Page Score Report” tool
that provides an in-depth fanpage report.

This report gives you 5 separate analysis sections along with powerful
suggestions to optimize the fanpage for the best user engagement.

Use that tool to optimize your own fanpages to crush the competition
and boost your online business engagement in no time flat!