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Smarketly is an all-in-one platform
that brings the required tools you
need to automate your business
process the affordable way.

Some important reasons why
you need Smarketly:
– It builds funnels, not just general
pages. It’s designed to convert any
type of traffic better using
automation rules.
– It automates marketing tasks,
allowing you to free time on
actually building what matters.
– You can create marketing graphics
and materials without hiring
professional designers.

Not just that, you get better opens
and clicks with all in one email management
and deeper segmentation.

Instead of just sending follow ups,
how would you like to send
an email to a user after they
read 60% of your page and leave?
Super segmented!

You can also easily manage and re-route
leads to multiple locations, boosting the
value of each leads.

You can literally smart target your audience
on Facebook -instead of just targeting
a visitor based on demographics.

You either need a full-team to handle
all of it or a super tool like Smarketly.

Choose wisely.