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Get the excellent 21% cashback as Shark Notify- WP Plugin coupon. Please follow the instruction below for the cashback coupon:


1/ Click on “REDEEM OFFER” button and purchase product.

2/ Next email purchase detail & Paypal ID (your paypal email) to [email protected] 

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** After purchase please claim above cash back. If you do not claim, we will not be liable for it. Please contact us soon after purchase.

Shark Notify is a brand new WordPress plugin from Dennis Alm that converts visitors into buyers using a new sneaky technology, and a little creative thinking from his developer.

It creates a “herd mentality” when visitors land on your site. They just want to hit the buy button.
(Or any other call-to-action message that you have displayed)

Shark Notify uses a small pop-up that says…
“Richard K. just purchased (your product) :23 minutes ago.” It “simulates” recent purchases, even if you haven’t sold anything. Just create your own custom text and use your favorite images. It’s so easy a cave man could do it.