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To enjoy the 15% off Kinetic – Commercial discount ,please read our discount instructions below:

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What is Kinetic ?

It is a software with Huge Library
through which you can add extra
power to your videos. With it you
can turn a normal looking video
into super professional video which
make you look like an expert with
years of experience creating videos.

You can create super pro Intro, Outros,
or can add animations directly
from the exclusive template library.

They shoot their own videos so they
are Unique and New in this market.
The professionalism this can add to
any video is Insane, even if you dont
buy it, I will still suggest to watch the
videos on the page, that is certainly
worth, its fun watching those videos.

How does it work ?

Step #1: Pick your template from a
wide range of slick, eye-catching
ready-to-edit templates.

Step #2: Quickly and easily weave in
your own content with one click uploads
of videos and images.

Step #3: Render your video on cloud.

With help of it you can start showing
your audience your power of creating
professional looking videos or you can
start profiting by offering professional
grade videos. You can easily charge
your local clients high amount, and
it will be even worth for them.

You get a commercial licence on front
end, So you can sell your videos without
buying any upsell.