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I want you to picture something …

Imagine (for just a moment) waking up 30 days from from now.

You feel relaxed and not “overwhelmed” like before, but you have a kind of an … “inner peace”.

… because 30 days from now you’ve FINALLY figured out how to create best selling books on Kindle … one, after the other.

It seems … almost “surreal”.

You can hardly believe your eyes, when you log into you KDP account and see all those sales coming in.

And yet here you are, enjoying best seller status on Kindle under MULTIPLE pen names and niches.

Seems like a bit of a pipe dream, doesn’t it?

But this can be you. And I’ll show you how to do it.

Look, I know you probably have a skeptical eyebrow raised right about now. After all, you’ve tried to publish books on Kindle before, but it didn’t exactly work out. So you’ve heard it all before, right?

You’ve heard people saying, “outsource books on Elance & Fiverr for cover design, blah blah, and when you have 10 books you’ll be making $2000+ per month.

But what happened?


You ended up making a couple sales a month from each book.

… and now believe it’s all a pipe dream, right?


It’s not a pipe dream, you we’re just given (VERY) bad advice.

You see, success on Kindle comes down to understanding ONE critical piece of the puzzle.

This ONE piece of the puzzle is the “missing ingredient” you need to create success on Kindle.

What is it, you ask?


“Niche Selection”.

No joke. I’m DEADLY serious. Get this wrong, and you’re hosed!

If you’re NOT publishing books that are “proven” to be popular sellers on Amazon, you may aswell throw your outsourcing dollars down the drain.


I know. Because I’ve been there too.

And when I discovered HOW to choose niches “correctly”, things turned around. (QUICKLY).

So, if you take away “anything” from this email, let it be this.

“Niche topic selection on Kindle is NO.1”

…and NO, i’m not talking about using keyword tools and creating books based on search volume.

(…that’s terrible advice!)

I’m talking about TRULY understanding the Amazon Kindle marketplace on how to “identify” patterns of popular book topics.

Then entering those niche markets yourself.