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What exactly is “eCom Cache”, what’s new about it?

eCom Cache is new software that gives you access to an incredibly powerful database that the developers have spend months putting together.

It gives you massive data on all the top performing affiliate products for any niche from hundreds of different platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Storeless, ClickFunnels, Amazon AND BigCommerce.

You will be able to instantly see which are the best possible converting offers to use on your website. So you can be sure you are monetizing your site in the best and most profitable possible way.

You also get instant approval to all the products on the platform so you can deploy them on your site and start getting great conversions right away.

This is a REALLY BIG DEAL because previously you would always have had to spend months testing out different offers to find one that would actually work on your site.

Now you never need to do that, you can simply find the best ever converting offer for your niche in the eCom Cache database and deploy it on your site, then your monetization is totally taken care of.

What’s the best strategy for me to use with “eCom Cache”?

In my emails so far I’ve focused on the fact that you can easily deploy the eCom Cache offers on your website (your website can be wordpress or anything else you want).

But you’re also able to sell the eCom Cache offers using Facebook ads. In fact they actually provide you with “pre done ad campaigns” for all the best offers.

So this means you can easily promote ANY of the top offers even if you don’t have a website for them.

Just choose a top perfoming offer, then grab the “pre done ad campaign” for it, then set your CPC (cost per click) on Facebook ads to below the average EPC (earnings per click) for the offer, then run the campaign.

The difference between the CPC for your ad and the EPC for the offer is your profit. And its pretty much the easiest way of running proftiable Facebook ads that you could ever think of!