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Let Me Show You How I Created A
Real-Estate Listing Video Using Nothing
But Just A URL In 3 Simple Steps…

STEP #1:

Drop any URL inside X-Wave and the VideoRemix A.I. instantly sets into action mode harvesting all the images from the given URL.

STEP #2:

Select from our plethora of professionally designed templates, identify which images you want in your video and edit any text to your liking.

STEP #3:

Sit back and watch your VideoRemix AI designed video render in seconds.


X-Wave will NOT just make stunning videos for you , it will ALSO make you tons of easy-money.

Tell you how!

Starting today you are going to be able to command that kind of money for videos that X-Wave will crank out for you in minutes.

Just ask your clients for a URL of their website, their Facebook page or even their Instagram account. Create a video in minutes using X-Wave (that also means you can take up multiple video creation projects without worrying about the delivery deadlines) and sell it at whatever price point you want, keeping ALL the money.

You don’t have to pay us any royalty fee or commission on any video you create and sell on any platform. Starting today, you own X-Wave and ALL the amazing videos (and loads of money) you are going to make with it.