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Use the temporary Reddule Commercial discount code above and save 20% off your next purchase of Reddule Commercial or any OTO/Upsell by Ben Murray .

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What is Redule, what’s new about it?

Reddule is the first software that allows you to do fully automated marketing on Reddit.

There has been other software in the past that allowed you to post automatically to your own subreddits (some of my software has had this feature), but Reddule is the first to allow you to post to ANY subreddit.

Not only that it also has an in built system to manage karma. This is really important.

Karma is the way reddit users rate each other, and you need to maintain good karma or you quickly get banned or ignored by other users.

Any attempt at automated marketing in the past has resulted in bad karma. But Reddule has come up with a system to build karma for you too. This has made fully automated Reddit marketing a reality for the first time ever.