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Rebrand.io is the world’s first software that allows you to quickly create profitable viral lead magnets on demand by turning ANY content into rebrandable PDF ebooks and reports, with point and click ease!
You can create unlimited rebrandable lead magnets with Rebrand.io.

When you get enough of these “out there”, the real magic happens.

Each book will be filled with your affiliate links and when you set enough of these affiliate landmines… people will start tripping them!

Imagine yourself starting to see regular, daily affiliate commissions from products you don’t even remember promoting.

Those random “congratulations you’ve made another sale” emails are my favorite part of being a rebrander.

This is perhaps the best part of being a rebrander.

You are simply giving people a valuable resource that will help them earn commissions when they rebrand it.

In turn they will spread your lead magnets all over the net and every single copy will link back to your site… Quickly increasing your reach and generating even more free traffic, sales and subscribers for you!

Forget paying Facebook or Google for expensive ads!

With Rebrand.io you can charge people for the right to rebrand your lead magnets and they will happily pay.

Make your own traffic generation and marketing profitable before you even receive your first click!