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Forex AutoScaler Can Satisfy even the Greediest Trader
Scale in from 1 to 10 Extra Trades
Automatically Places Stops and Take Profits At Your Preferred Price Points
Use a Fixed Stop or a Trailing/Step Stop
Now Trade Right From The Chart!!!
Works In Conjunction With Any Trading EA

Who Should Be Trading With AutoScaler?

Experienced Traders
You already know how to spot winning trade setups. Now you can add AutoScaler to your trading to see exponential growth in your account.

Short on Time Traders
You don’t have hours to spend looking for setups, so make the time you do have count by AutoScaling your winning trades.

EA Traders
You finally found an EA that works for you. Add AutoScaler to your trading and let the robots do all the work for you.

London Open Traders
If you can trade the London Open each day, AutoScaler + London Crush could be your ticket to consistent 50-100+ pip winning days.