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Q: Which time frames work best with Dream Signals?

A: All time frames work perfectly with Dream Signals.

Q: How much can I make weekly or monthly?

A: You can make anywhere from 50-100 pips or more per trade. It all depends on how many trades you take in a day. This system is optimized for making the most amount of pips possible.

Q: Which currency pairs does Dream Signals work with?

A: ALL currency pairs. This system has been used for more than a decade by tens and thousands of traders who use currency pairs, stocks and even Binary Options!..Yes it works with even Binaries!

Q: Which styles of trading can benefit?

A: All styles of trading. Whether you are a scaper, short-term, mid-term, or long term trader, Dream Signals is the perfect solution.

Q: Can you help me install it if I need help?

A: Yes absolutely! We can walk you through the proccess or even remote to you and install it. It takes a few seconds to install.