BIGLIST of Top Social Media Marketing Blogs for 2019

Social Media Marketing Blogs

Social Media Marketing Blogs

The world of Social Media is probably responsible for more innovation in digital marketing over the past 5 to 10 years than nearly any other discipline. From ephemeral story based content to live video to all the things being done with data for more personalized marketing, staying in top of what’s real vs. the hype is increasingly difficult.

Top help marketers find great sources of marketing advice, we’ve curated the BIGLIST of marketing blogs and more recently a marketing blogs from martech companies. Adding to that curation effort is today’s list of social media marketing blogs.

This list focuses in on blogs covering all aspects of social media marketing including the usual suspects of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn as well as newer platforms like TikTok. From trends to strategies to tactics to analytics, this group of blogs about social media and marketing is a great mix of big names, publications, platforms and a few names that are hopefully new to you.

1. Adweek Social Pro Daily
Our favorite post: Social Networks Finally Bypassed Print Newspapers as a Primary Source of News

2. Andrea Vahl Blog
Our favorite post: Facebook Video Ads – What’s Working Now

3. Awario Blog
Our favorite post: 10 of the best social media marketing tools for 2019

4. Brian Solis
Our favorite post: The Past, Present And Future Of Social Media – How We Fell To The Dark Side And Why The Force Is With Us

5. Brand24 Blog
Our favorite post: A Complete Guide to Social Media Analysis

6. CinchShare Blog
Our favorite post: Grow your team on Facebook by doing these 3 things

7. Digimind Blog
Our favorite post: Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy in 13 Steps with Social Media Intelligence

8. DreamGrow Blog
Our favorite post: How To Integrate Social Media With eCommerce in 2019

9. Facebook Business Blog
Our favorite post: Turn Interested Shoppers Into Buyers with a Guided Shopping Experience in Messenger

10. Falcon Insights Hub
Our favorite post: 5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

11. Gary Vaynerchuk Blog
Our favorite post: 5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for 2019

12. Gleam Blog
Our favorite post: Stop Buying Likes: 25+ Tips to Drive Real Engagement on Facebook

13. Grow
Our favorite post: What Is Your Social Media Marketing Purpose? (If You Don’t Know, This Will Help)

14. Hopper HQ Blog
Our favorite post: How to Measure B2B Social Media Marketing Success

15. Hot in Social Media
Our favorite post: How to Use TikTok Like a PRO: Actionable Tips for Marketers

16. Iconosquare Blog
Our favorite post: Instagram Marketing Strategy: Your A-Z Guide

17. Instagram Business Blog
Our favorite post: Creative Secrets of Instagram Stories

18. Jeff Bullas Blog
Our favorite post: 9 Insider Tips For Increasing Your LinkedIn Leads

19. Jon Loomer Blog
Our favorite post: How to Edit a Facebook Ad and Retain Social Proof

20. Karen’s PR & Social Media Blog
Our favorite post: Super Bowl 2019: Trends & Takeaways from a Social Media Professor

21. Katie Lance Blog
Our favorite post: How to Attract Your Dream Client Through Social Media and Storytelling

22. Keyhole Blog
Our favorite post: Hashtags: A Beginner’s Guide and How to Use them Effectively – Keyhole

23. Later Blog
Our favorite post: Real or Fake: 5 Instagram Algorithm Rumors Explained

24. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog
Our favorite post: 10 Content Ideas for your LinkedIn Page

25. Louise Myers Visual Social Media Blog
Our favorite post: How to Boost Your Social Media Strategy for 2019

26. Madalyn Sklar Blog
Our favorite post: How to Grow Your Twitter Community: 7 Essential Tips

27. Meltwater Blog: Social Media
Our favorite post: Social Sidekick: Your Monthly Guide to Social Holidays, Themes, and Noteworthy Events

28. NetBase Blog
Our favorite post: Social Media Monitoring vs Social Listening – Yes, There’s a Difference!

29. Planoly Blog
Our favorite post: How to Stay Motivated with Your Blog and Instagram

30. Problogger
Our favorite post: How to Start a Blog When You’re Not an Expert: 11 Ways to Make it Work

31. Snapchat for Business
Our favorite post: CPG on Snapchat: Why Gen Z and millennials make all the difference

32. Socialnomics
Our favorite post: 22 Social Media Tips From The Pros To Skyrocket Your 2019 ROI

33. Social Insider Blog
Our favorite post: The Most Impactful Social Media Trend That Businesses Should Integrate It In 2019

34. Social Media Examiner
Our favorite post: 10 Metrics to Track When Analyzing Your Social Media Marketing

35. Social Media Explorer
Our favorite post: p And Coming Social Media Trends Driven By Millennials And Generation Z

36. Social Media Lab (Agorapluse)
Our favorite post: LinkedIn Post Length: Does Data Support the Idea that Longer is Better?

37. Social Media Today
Our favorite post: Social Media Calls to Action: 19 Words & Phrases to Generate More Engagement

38. Social Media Week News & Insights
Our favorite post: Boost Your Instagram Stories Game for 2019 With These 10 Practices

39. Social Report Blog
Our favorite post: 10 Top Social Media Scheduling Tools to Save Time in 2019

40. Social Sorted
Our favorite post: 60+ April Social Media Ideas – Videos, GIFs and more!

41. Spiderworking
Our favorite post: Relationship Marketing With Jessika Phillips, Pots Of Gold And LinkedIn Networking

42. Sue B Zimmerman
Our favorite post: How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2019

43. The Social Media Hat
Our favorite post: How to Create 26 Pieces Of Content From A Facebook Live

44. Talkwalker Blog
Our favorite post: Social media trends that will impact 2019

45. Twitter Marketing Blog
Our favorite post: 10 ways marketing changed with Twitter

46. Unmetric Blog
Our favorite post: Brands vie for the throne in the game of social media marketing

One trend I’ve noticed is that many individuals that have really made a name for themselves as trusted voices in the social media space during the formative years of the industry simply are not blogging as much or have diversified into other areas of marketing. At the same time, a steady drumbeat of social media marketing advice can be found amongst a smaller number of highly focused industry blogs and companies serving the social media marketing industry.

Speaking of the social media marketing industry, you may have noticed some well known social media marketing technology brands are not on the above list. That’s because we’ve already included them in the martech list, but they certainly belong in this collection, so here they are:

If you’re more interested in following specific people in the world of social media marketing, then be sure to check out this list of social media marketing influencers for 2019.

Which social media marketing blogs would you add?


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